Friday, July 6, 2007

I never thought I would hear myself say, "I am so excited, I have worms!" But, this morning as my hands dug through the earth around my potato plants to find a few jems for this afternoon's bbq, those very words came from my lips. I am thankful that I was speaking to someone who vaguely understands my obsession with gardening. For people living in other parts of the country, it probably seems ridiculous to be enthusiastic about a few measly earthworms, but to me, it was a reminder of how far my little yard has come (For proof see the first couple posts on this blog). I've still got a lot I want to do and a huge amount to learn about gardening but the fact that some earthworms have chosen to live at my house tells me I'm doing something right. I've read so many times that you can tell the value of your soil by the number of earthworms in it and sadly, until this morning, I'd never seen one.


Keith said...

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Quinatas said...

Yay! Worms! I've been digging them up all year up front. I should take some pictures & post them on my blog, too. This blogger thing is addicting!