Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Peaches and Peppers and Eggplant, Oh MY!

I am fighting a never ending war with the squash bugs! They refuse to die (actually, I'd be happy if they just left). I tried to do a garlic spray but I think they actually liked their new cologne. My friend, Tina (see favorite websites) found a recipe for a squash bug deterrent that actually included 2 cups of chopped up squash bugs. At first I was completely disgusted and wondered how anyone could even think of that kind of carnage, but I must admit it's looking better every day. I'm usually the person who saves spiders and moves any other kind of bug to a new home but these Squash bugs have tapped into some sort of kill or be killed response. The good news is that the squash is probably winding down anyway and they don't seem to be bothering anything else in the garden. The peaches are starting to ripen despite their earlier issues and I made a peach crisp last night (thanks for the recipe, Dad AKA Celtic Gardener). I actually made way too much so was able to share it with the neighbors. The eggplant has also been going to town. Its now in a race with the Spaghetti Squash to take over for last year's zucchini crop as the vegetable I'm most likely to be pedaling to anyone I see. Ex. "Hey, garbage man, Do you like Eggplant? You want some?" They may look at me funny initially, but they never turn it down and my garbage can is always standing upright when I get home now. The peppers are also starting to lean forward from the weight of their fruit. I noticed yesterday that the grocery stores are starting to roll out their pepper roasters so I'm guessing they should be ripe enough any day now. If you have ever visited New Mexico in August, it is the smell of roasting green chile that will stay with you. I think they can probably smell it from space! I can't wait.