Saturday, October 13, 2007

What do you do when you are drowning in tomatoes?

I realized this morning that this week will probably bring the first frost of the season. While that means that I'll finally be able to wear the sweatshirts I bought at Old Navy in Denver, it also means that I have literally hundreds of tomatoes still on the vine that will be ruined if left outside. Sooooooo...what to do? Gallons of marinara sauce and salsa? The only problem with that is limited freezer space. I found directions about making sundried tomatoes that allows them to be stored in the refrigerator indefinately. So I'm now embarking on a little project I call Operation Tomato Tanning... Is it strange I find myself singing, "Ya down with OTT, Yeah you know me..."? I scare myself sometimes :)


Connie said...

These will taste so good when there are no ripe ones available!

kris said...

Oh, those look good - and they'll be wonderful this winter.