Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy Day but so Much Fun!

Jayden pretending to be Elton John

Sweet 'lil Maya

The first thing I planted at my house... a tiny lavender that now threatens to take over the front yard...I wouldn't really be opposed.

I didn't get to sleep in but who was I really kidding anyway...I never sleep in. Steve called this morning to ask if I'd be willing to watch Jayden today since he wasn't feeling well. I'm not happy Steve's got a cold but I love spending time with the funniest almost one year old I know. We started the day by hanging out with Tammy and Maya.

Went to lunch at Dion's---love the Greek salad with Ranch dressing! Shopped at Lowe's (really cool misting fan for outside), Hobby Lobby (lanterns and candles that I didn't really need) and Party City (decorations for Jayden's first birthday party next week). Then Erika, Jayden and the dogs and I went for a walk to the park and relaxed in the backyard for awhile. I can't believe my first day off went so quickly! Can't wait for tomorrow... Garage sales here I come!

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