Sunday, July 6, 2008

What would you say?

What a beautiful day! Spent some time this afternoon working in the yard and then read and enjoyed the birds while the birds discovered the new birdseed and sunflowers. I'm reading a fiction book about forgiveness and valuing the people in our lives. It's an interesting concept--A plane crashed (fabulous, I have to fly later this month) into the water outside Tampa Bay, Florida and a woman finds a note with the words, "Dear T~ All is forgiven. I love you, Dad" in a ziplock bag floating in the debris. There are no survivors. She gives the note to a reporter who attempts to find the intended recipient. I was sitting in my garden thinking about what I would need to say to people if my time on earth were coming to a quick, dramatic end. I know it sorta sounds morbid but it's really wasn't. Why not think of what I would want to say and say it now? Why wait and never get the chance? I suppose I am afraid of feeling silly, thinking that it's not the right time....but what is that really in comparison with never being able to express something so important? What kind of difference could it make in my relationships if my focus becomes telling people how important they are to me?, It also made me think about the love that God, Our Heavenly Father, has for us. He also gave us the gift of love and forgiveness in written form. That helped me to realize the importance of giving those I love a written account of my feelings. I know there have been so many times that I've looked at important letters over and over again or sat with my bible in my lap and touched the words as I read them. When things mean something, we want to revisit them...hear, touch, see them.

I'm basically a sentimental sap. I keep everything that means anything to me. I have no idea where my diplomas are, I haven't the foggiest idea where important papers are hiding but I know exactly where to find pictures, old cards and notes from friends and family. I have a card sitting on a shelf in my hallway from some flowers my Dad (or as he likes to say "my Da") sent me for St. Patrick's Day when I was in college. It was such a sweet, unexpected gesture and it reminds me of his kindness, generosity and affinity toward fun and celebration. I've also got a card my Mom sent me displayed with some special glass items in my kitchen. I love that card because I could tell that she spent time looking for something that I would enjoy. It reminded me of her love, her desire to see the best for those she loves and her appreciation of style and beauty. I am so blessed to have parents that are always willing to help (my garden is proof of their time and hard work), who are generous, loving and fun. I could write for hours about funny memories, creative activities and valuable lessons but I wonder if I've done a good job of letting them know how much I appreciate them? I'm not sure but I know it can't hurt to try harder.

So for what it's worth.... Dear Mom and Dad, All is Remembered...I love you, M

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Tina said...

Aw, Sweetie, what a beautiful post! Made me wanna cry :) Your words ring very true. You are very good at valuing those you love. ((hugs))

Off topic, LOVE the way those sunflowers & the butterfly bush look together. Your garden is a marvel. :)