Monday, September 29, 2008


Thank you to everyone who has been so incredibly supportive of my newest adventure-Foster Care! The piles of paperwork are done, the fingerprints are submitted, the doctor signed my clearance and my electrical outlets are covered. My home visit was today and now the worker just has to write up the report. He said that I should be licensed within the next couple weeks. Please keep praying and know that I am so incredibly thankful for your friendship and support (All 13 reference letters brought tears to my eyes!). Yesterday, I was second guessing/overthinking/being pessimistic and out of the blue a waitress started telling me about how she had been in foster care between the ages of 2-4 and now at the age of 24, she wants to find her foster mom and thank her for the huge impact she had on her life. She didn't know me, she didn't know my thoughts...but God did.

Also...strangely fortune cookie today said "Children will play an important role in your life". As if they already don't... I know this is probably going to be the most difficult thing I've ever's going to tax my patience, skills and faith...It's going to force me to step outside of myself and completely lose my false sense of control. I can't wait.


tina said...

I can't wait for you!!!! I'm so excited and proud of you! It will be the hardest most fulfilling thing you have ever done, and we'll all be standing right beside you!

deb said...

My husband was fostered and later adopted when he was five years old. I cannot express my love and gratefulness to his adoptive parents and oddly the mother who gave him up. They made sure I have the awesome husband I have now and the family he is taking care of (me and all three of the Monkeys). Keep up the good work. It pays off in a big way.

lavendergardener said...

Deb-Thank you! By the way, I don't thing it is odd at all that you would be thankful for the woman who gave your husband life. Without her, there would be know him.

Danielle said...

That's so wonderful!! Congratulations!!! I look forward to seeing what God has for your future.


lookin4sprouts said...

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your power and outstretched arms...nothing is too hard for you!!! (Jer. 29:17) God will provide for you where He has so obviously led you. You will witness His power in new ways. in abundance, with grace, strength for the day. I CAN'T WAIT!!! love u much, k