Monday, September 20, 2010


Mateo Owen Perkins Walsh and Joaquin Lamont Armendariz Walsh!

We were surrounded by a courtroom full (and I do mean full) of precious friends today as the Judge legally recognized our little family. You know it's good when the Judge and attorney are fighting back tears unsuccessfully throughout the proceedings. I woke up today thinking I didn't feel much different. But now, if it's possible, what I do feel is even more in love with the children God chose for me and more determined to honor their biological parents by providing them with a safe, stable, full childhood. A wonderful friend and fellow adoptive parent said it perfectly today, "you are mourning the loss in your babies' lives while rejoicing for being the chosen mommy". Exactly.

As I raced around the house trying to get the three of us ready this morning, my sweet little Joaquin brought to me a picture of my grandparents (the same grandmother that shares his middle name)and just handed it to me quietly. As I looked at the picture, I thought about the way that they loved our family. They weren't perfect but they loved us perfectly. As a child, I never ever doubted that I was loved by both my parents and my grandparents. I knew it through their words, their actions and the way they chose to spend time with me. I want that same legacy for my children. Some people say that our loved ones in heaven can see what happens here on earth. Today was the kind of day, I really hope that's true.

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tiNa said...

Oh my goodness, this was quite honestly one of the most spectacular days of my life. I loved seeing your dreams come true in one amazing day. I loved seeing ALL the people who were there, who love and support you. You're a blessing to so many. It's good to see you blessed right back.