Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me...

38 years ago today, I came into this crazy, wonderful world. I had a wonderful day with family and friends,enjoyed the sunshine and was treated to a fabulous ice cream cake! YUM.

Today is also, effectively, the last day of summer for us. While the heat will linger for at least another month or two, my sweet boys will don their uniforms, put on their new Nikes and start the school year tomorrow. I can't believe Joaquin will be in Kindergarten. He's so excited and is really looking forward to making new friends and "playing with the 100 board". He's also feeling a bit nervous and asked me to cuddle with him as he fell asleep. I love to watch him sleep because his normally very active mouth is so adorable when he sleeps!

It is hard to believe that it was almost three years ago that these precious children showed up on my doorstep. Honestly, it's gone so quickly that lately I have been really trying to embrace every amazing moment. On the eve of this new school year, I just wanted to take a minute to record a few of each child's personality traits, talents etc. for posterity.

Mateo- You are starting first grade tomorrow and you could not be more enthusiastic. I loved to hear you tell your brother confidently that first grade is "full of challenges". You strive to be "a role model" and are such a wonderful brother. You are reading more and more every day and really seem to have a talent for numbers. You love sports, especially basketball and soccer. If you could, you'd always be outside and you adore being messy. You really like writing and are so very thoughtful. You are so creative and are great at building things. Over the years, you have become a very affectionate person who gives the best hugs!

Joaquin- My sweet wonderful boy. You take so much joy in life and I love to hear your silly laugh. You are really starting to notice other people's feelings and are developing such a compassionate nature. You notice everything! Whether it is colors, smells, textures or facial expressions... you see them and appreciate them. I get so much pleasure watching you learn about animals and plants. You proudly tell people that you want to be an "etomologist" and study butterflies. You have such an eye for beautiful things and I love to hear you sing. Tomorrow will be your first day of Kindergarten and I can't wait to hear your astute observations when I pick you up.

Here's to a great new school year to the best gifts I could ever receive...


Danielle said...


Is your email address the same? I'll send you and update and a picture.

lavendergardener said...

yep! I'd love that!